January 5th, 2018

Are you a good swimmer?

I wish I am.

2017 was an ocean of seemingly endless uncertainties.

The truth is, If I am going to assess which point in my lifetime’s the most unpredictable, it would be very easy for me to pinpoint which year.

Nonetheless, I swam through it all, unraveling one mystery after the other.

I did not drown.

I am alive and definitely unscathed.

Perhaps, I am a good swimmer after all?

Here comes another year. (Drum rolls!)

Another chapter to fill. Another mystery to discover. Another surprise to savor.

Amidst all the chaos, this world is still beautiful. You get to encounter first-hand bullshits and life stressors, but it also teaches you the many (swimming) tricks on your own, and eventually help you master the strokes as fast as you can so you won’t get caught off-guard in this mad world.

I guess I’m just tired lately, swimming in an ocean of files.

Revisiting this blogsite didn’t help much, because I only realize how fast my writing skill has degenerated (as if meron naman). I wish I could sustain it more.

Oh well…2018 is running wild. So wild that it blisters! My resolve? Run wild and make it a year to remember. The stars and fortune tellers don’t have great news to tell about how my life will unfold. But who cares? Sometimes, we tend to attach ourselves too much to them that we forget we hold much, much greater power than cards and tarots and astrology could ever offer!

Keep on swimming.

Gastronomic Charaughts

July 8th, 2017

One of the things I love doing is going on “food trips” whether on a resto, on a “point-point” (turo-turo), or practically anywhere else where there’s food to eat.

Am at peace with my introvert side that’s why it’s always a treat to go on my own. Didn’t I mention I go on movie date by myself, too? It’s a thing only people like me understands. People like me possess a certain affinity with solitude. Yung tipo na mas nagiging malinaw ang mga bagay kapag mag-isa mo lang. Di ko nga alam kung bakit ako nag-asawa eh. Jokeeee!

Eniweys, I did groceries this afternoon at SM SaveMore. At bilang nagutom ang mga alaga ko sa tiyan, dumiretso ako sa Marquez. Isa yan sa mga gusto kong kainan dito sa amin. Malinis, masarap ang luto, oks ang ambiance. In short, pwedeng pang-digmaan. Kidding aside, dito talaga ako madalas magka-kain kumpara sa mga ibang sikat na food outlets or fastfood chains. My personal favorite is their pancit malabon. Perfect ang kombinasyon ng mga ingredients at swak sa panlasa ko. I also love their siopao.

Kanina may nakasabay akong tatlong mga mudrakels. Mga kasing-edad siguro ng Nanay ko, may mga dalang brochures ng Avon. Nag-uusap sila habang kumakain. Na-miss ko tuloy si mother nature. Sa amin kasi pag umuuwi ako, madalas ko ding isama ang nanay ko sa mga food trips ko doon. Mahiyain ang nanay ko, kaya hahayaan nya lang akong umorder, although tinatanong ko naman siya, nanay gusto mo ba ito? o mas gusto mo ba yung isa? Tatango lang yan. (Pero feeling ko, mas gusto nyang perahin ko na lang hahaha).

Nakakatuwa din na siya mismo ay masarap magluto. Baka nga tinatandaan nya ang mga kinakain namin, magugulat ka na lang pagdating sa bahay, alam nyang lutuin. Na hindi ko masyadong minana. Sana lang, nakuha ko ang bertud nya sa pagluluto pero sa isang kapatid ko niya naipasa!

Ayon. Ililibre ko na lang ulit sya sa Pasko. Inaantok na ako, ay heb to sleep na.


Before I Go to Bed Tonight

June 26th, 2017

When you’re not feeling well, and in the middle of finishing a task, the least you would like to do is prolong your agony by writing. Somehow, it’s wiser to just take a rest.

My mind says otherwise, I gotta write or I’ll lose my train of thought.

Anyway, this week has been rife with activities: briskwalking, gardening, biking, crafting, etc. Things that you do not notice before because you glorify “busy-ness” as if your life depended much on it. Some situations really have the power to engage you and make you realize your eureka moments. I’m sharing a few realizations below:

1) Some people are like plants. As I make it a habit to tend to our potted plants and little friends every morning, I can’t help but see the resemblance. House plants go through a stage called “dormancy.” It is when growth and development are temporarily stopped. And this is also closely associated with environmental conditions. People who choose to be dormant are probably avoiding their breaking point. Therefore, I think we should always be extra careful when it comes to labels. Those who are unproductive in your eyes might actually be going through the same process as plants. Doesn’t mean that they’re no good. Maybe they’re just conserving energy. In time, they’ll bloom and surprise you with their radiance!

2) Our lives are finite, but we can make living a bit more meaningful. I have a favorite place when doing my daily briskwalk. Guess where! I regularly allot an hour of daily walking beside a police station and a cemetery. I only have to look at those tombs and imagine what the occupants were doing while still alive. And while it’s scary to even think of your name on it, too — the thought jolts me (excite even!) We have all the time NOW. Have you ever imagined what impression or legacy will you be leaving behind when the TIME comes? Do you want to be remembered as a good daughter? A doting mother? A loving wife? A caring sister? Or the otherwise? Certainly, you cannot bring with you worldly possessions and titles. Only memories. Make it great, then.

3) Relative to the number 2, pay attention to what your body says. Recently, I’ve been complaining of body pains. The most frequent pain though is my plantar fasciitis. According to WebMD, Plantar fasciitis (say “PLAN-ter fash-ee-EYE-tus”) is the most common cause of heel pain. The plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue (ligament) that connects your heel bone to your toes. It supports the arch of your foot. If you strain your plantar fascia, it gets weak, swollen, and irritated (inflamed). Then your heel or the bottom of your foot hurts when you stand or walk. I might have been complacent with my diet and proper health care. Any how, I think it helps that I force myself out of bed and do some form of physical activities.

Sharing this pretty photo of my cactus plant!

Bullet Journaling and Loving It!

June 8th, 2017

I haven’t completely grasped yet the idea of developing a bullet journal. However, there are various resources online to help me achieve just that.

Anyway, I first heard of bullet journal from my good friend Marj. I then made a little research and was amazed how it’s done and what magic it brings to our often chaotic life. A bullet journal is actually a notebook system, except that it is used for the purpose of organizing (thoughts, ideas, schedule among other things). It was a brainchild of Ryder Caroll – a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY.

If you type these two words on Google, you’ll be surprised at the magnitude of things it can do. First thing you’ll probably read online is that “bullet journaling” lives at the intersection between mindfulness and productivity. A system that adapts to your life every single day.  It’s so useful as it combines two elements that you need every day. Being present and making yourself more engaged and fruitful.

Last night, I just found my way writing the first few pages of my journal. June isn’t yet too late to start. Am so excited that I was able to do my 2017 calendar on Page 1, followed by a bullet list on the next page. With a little creativity, I’m sure I will be able to maintain this up to the very last page. Maybe it’s also a great idea to switch from diary writing to bullet journaling. We’ll see!

Here are a few of my doodles. =)




Notes From a Diarist

April 17th, 2017

Are you a “journal” type of person? I mean, do you keep a notebook where you write your thoughts every now and then?

Last week, I bought a large organizer-box supposedly to de-clutter my belongings, but then, it was able to accommodate only my “notebooks,” and I thought to myself I’ve been documenting my life all these years?

Poring through the contents made me smile. The words I wrote were quite unique and yet the same in a sense. The act itself is like returning to that certain phase in your life where you get to experience the same emotion or condition. Those dark and sardonic periods, those sweet moments, etcetera.

According to writer Diana Abu-Jaber: “…reading old journal and outline notes helps to see what richly layered beings we are…” and that we “recognize odd currents in our work, repeating words and images, patterns, as if we were each embedded with private themes, symbols that could help unlock the mysteries of our existence.”

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Jaber also likes keeping a journal. Just like me, and you, maybe. It helps make plain to her what intimacy and daring, what shamelessness is part of being a person.


By the way, here’s how Google defines what a diarist is:


Plain and simple. A diarist is any person who writes a diary or private journal.

Why write a journal or diary?

Personally, I write to remind myself that I am a human being — I have my own weaknesses and strengths. When faced with challenges, I can always be reminded that I’ve gone through several trials and nothing can bring me down — except for my self. You only get defeated when you allow yourself so. It also helps that you have your successes and joys recorded there. Our lives are interspersed with gems of insight and knowledge. Journaling is a smart way of getting the most useful lessons. Writing a diary is so much fun for me, even at this time when technology has definitely changed the game.

Try it. You might just find diary writing as exciting.


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