Aspiring to Write

July 7th, 2008

While on a business meeting yesterday with the staff of National Bookstore, I chanced upon a very informative, easy-to-use reference on writing. What is surprising about it is that unlike most books, it gives you really practical ways on how to reflect and create. The material was a relief for someone as inexperienced as me. The author, Viesca, expounds that “one moment of writing may enrich you, even as several years of pain and recovery have already allowed you to be the best person you can possibly be”. Amazing how the author can weave beautiful, inspiring yet profound words that it made me WANT to start writing seriously right away. Admittedly, there were plenty of times in the past when I attempted to practice but somehow the police in me would censor-and-remove-and-censor-and-remove what is supposed to be expressed. To be candid about it – I think in my lifetime I have somehow managed to put up at least eight web logs (also known as blogs). Unfortunately not only did I lack the motivation to maintain them, I also seem to lose the energy and power to answer that “nudging”, that little voice whispering me to put into words what goes on inside the mind.

Writing for me is catharsis. In the process, wounds that cut deep through the psyche are refreshed. You will taste the pain. You will stare at the ugly scars left on you. Yet in that same process you also learn to acknowledge your strength that after all the countless battles gone through, you are a survivor. Is it not liberating to look back and see how or where all of those struggles took you? Not in vain but as a better person. You realize that people are scarred but still beautiful because they become far wealthier in terms of life lessons.

Writing for me is celebrating “life”. When we write, we appreciate the good things life has to offer, has offered, and will offer us in the future. Each time we wake up with food to eat on our tables, with loved ones beside to cheer us up and to be there through the sunny and stormy days, with the little “joys’ and blessings that abound us, it is always a treat to have this things stored not just in our memory but in writing as well. When we write, we are actually being thankful for all of the most poignant experiences that have enriched us.

Writing for me is continuous education. Whether it is academic or personal, formal or informal – it always comes with learning, relearning, and unlearning. In a nutshell writing is educating.
We analyze, apply, use strategies to express and create. We may have varying styles but the point is, any form of writing, potently serves as channel of learning new things in life. Each time we polish our writing styles we also improve our capability at creating.

Actually, I am just beginning to realize these things lately. But in the next days to come I want to see myself writing more and more. Only then can I say that not only have I matured as a person I also have been more productive and enlightened.

Need I say more?

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