Unforgettable Devcom Students

July 4th, 2009

averageYears of teaching plus a solid  encounter with different types of students had created a big impact in my life and has taught me to ponder what was I like as a student myself. Did I annoy my professors with how I always chose to keep silent in their classes and how I allowed my brain to do the processing instead?  Why, I need a considerable amount of coaxing before I can have the extra courage to stand up and say my piece. That was not all, I was (consistently) in the bottom quartile of my high school and college classes in Mathematics! Up until today, I still have nightmares of failing the subject and not making it to the graduating class. My strength is language (as far as I know hehe). However, this article isn’t about me. Truth be told, I have been wanting to write something about the most memorable AB Development Communication students I had in my years with the academe not because they belong to my favorites (admit it or not, teachers do have their chosen few) but because without knowing it — they gave me certain realizations. Priceless.

Some of them are antagonists, some are really made of sweet stuff, and some are simply amazing.

1.  The Emo Kid.goth_emo2 I sometimes think of her as the crying lady or the drama princess because of her propensity to cry (I swear her tear glands are so active that she cries, happy or otherwise!). We became really close friends during the time she was in CLSU until today. This despite the fact that I seldom make friends (a colleague once said I seem to be overly protective of my own bubble). But what made her personality endearing to me are her qualities of being reliable (not just as a student and friend but as a leader as well), persistence to finish a given task even if it means sweat and blood, her sweetness, her courage to point out your wrong, her openness, her lack of pretensions. And to top it all up, before her graduation, we had to battle with nasty stalkers. When I think about it now, I know that part only made us closer together.

2. Ms. Sunshine-y Lady. It’s every teacher’s delight to see a beaming face inside the classroom from time to time. Ms Sunshine-y girl is the epitome of positive thinking, always smiling as if telling me ” everything is gonna be okay”. She does well in class in fact, she’s among the top 5 in all the courses/subjects I handled in their batch. Her essays were not impeccably written, but always with honest-to-goodness stuff injected in it.  I wonder where she is right now?
(To be continued)

4 Responses to “Unforgettable Devcom Students”

  1. reich Says:

    Hmmm…hus dat Emo kid,parang kilala ko sya,hehehe..

    Nice site,really! Hope i can drop here from time to time:-)

    Miss you much ate,mwahhh

  2. joybeth Says:

    naks naman! kilala mo sya, ang name nya ay umpisa sa letter ___. hehehe. musta na? blog ka na rin uli. para naman malaman ko kung ano pinaggagawa mo sa buhay mo. kumanta ako sa latest entry ko a. nainggit kay jun. 😀

  3. reich Says:

    hehe,o nga ye. Nwwla nko sa sirkulasyon… Am watching jay tarucs’ docus,d2 lang aq sa apartment. Sa fone nadin ako nagnenet,sbrang tamad ako lumbs lbs,hehe.. Binabasa q kgb ung iba mu pang entry,2loy q ulet mamaya after nito… Kain tayo,fruit salad,ginawa q kgb,hehe…

  4. reich Says:

    te,penge pala aq ng copy nung docu sa caranglan ha,meron kpb? Punta aqng clsu sa 24th,sa sunday, mageexam kc kapatid qng pangatlo,sasamahan ko sya…

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