Accidentally Scrumptious!

June 14th, 2010

Sundays have become the customary grocery day for most Filipino households. And this holds true for middle class families who have work and children to attend to during weekdays. For nearly eleven years, on this day of the week – the ever reliable wife, meaning yours truly (yeah right!) marches out the house with her equally-dependable grocery list. Needless to say, lists have earned an ubiquitous reputation for the scatterbrained denizens of the world.

A shopping trolley doesn’t really serve a purpose in my case, not all the time. What good is it that God gave me these tough, sturdy muscles for nothing? In fact between the two of us (husband and wife), I seem to possess more of the manly traits when it comes to performing chores. Well surprise! I do not wait for the guy to carry the sack of rice next to the fridge. I can lift our bed any time I want to, or whenever I got bored with its position. I definitely can deliver a few punches to anybody who will have the mistake of attacking me.  Maybe I am not that feminine or girlish after all.

All these cutesy pa-tootsie thing, all the narci-show is simply to cover my male, tyrannizing side. Hahaha! Cartoon vegetable collection 1

I asked the husband to run through my list should he need to add any vegetable or fruit of his liking. I usually divide my list into three – 1) fruits and vegetables, 2) fish and meat, and 3) dairy products. All the other supplies not available in the wet market can be bought anyway at the nearby super mart. After scanning, he wrote lettuce and broccoli. He developed a particular liking for broccoli after watching a cooking show over at Fox, I guess. Okay, so I bought those although I was a bit frustrated with the overpriced lettuce. It’s not even Christmas yet but these vegetables are pegged at sky-rocketing price. Sometimes, vendors bring to mind politicians!

What’s even funnier, it isn’t lettuce he actually wanted but c-a-u-l-i-f-l-o-w-e-r! Welcome to Alzheimer’s world, hunnybunny. 🙂

Knowing how lettuce’s life span can be short-lived, we decided to be a little creative. Prepare the lettuce I did. Next, I scoured the cupboard for other possible ingredients for my green salad. A dash of salt and pepper, slices of ripe mango, a drop of vinaigrette, few slices of tomato, plus the Manhattan dressing. And presto! I enjoyed a yummy lettuce salad!

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  1. reich Says:

    wow,healthy living,hehe. i missed that… napapasobra ako ngayon sa fud sa labas,wala na kc brother kong taga-luto,haha… ok ok…tonight,magsasalad nako ulet en mamalengke narin ng gulay:-)

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