Summer Heat, Summer Fresh!

May 6th, 2011

Nature junkies’ number one destination would probably and would always perhaps be the BEACH. What with the enchantingly beautiful – sparkling sunrays it paints on the seashore, and the magical picture it creates with the blue skies. Nothing else could be more perfect.

Last week, I trooped down together with my family to an island called Aguirangan. Its a teeny-tiny piece of land in the middle of the sea, with white sand, serene ambiance, and lush trees/vegetation around. It has a stunning coastline as well, welcoming every visitor with its spectacular scenery. Aguirangan is situated in the Bicol Region and is now becoming popular to both Bicolanos and tourists alike. I did not pass-up the chance to see its beauty after I saw all the cool pics my college batch mate posted in her Facebook account.

But to get there, we need to be at the Sabang port as early as 5am. We actually planned to convene at my uncle’s house at 3 am. See? It’s not much obvious how excited we were. We used two vehicles to get us to Sabang, passing by the towns of Pili, Ocampo, Tigaon, Goa, then San Jose. The moment we stepped down the vehicle, a couple of boatmen gave us brief orientation about the boatride. However, we didn’t anticipate that as first-timers (on riding a boat), it would seem so perilous and nerve-wracking an experience. My aunts were screaming and I saw a cousin of mine cry all the way from Sabang port to Aguirangan. Talkative as I am, I shut my mouth for fear of creating more fear. Yaikkks. There was a point we were all silent the whole time we’re inside the boat. It felt surreal. Imagine 45 minutes of boatride and the waves almost crashing in front of us, lulling the boat as if it wants us to sleep to eternity? I will never forget that one scary ride of my life!

And yet, when we get to the island — it was really pretty.  It was just awesome. and splendid. and everything nice.

The kids played to their hearts delight. I took snapshots because I know moments like these are priceless & deserve to be immortalized. Too bad, I only have a point and shoot camera. The oldies stripped and enjoyed the cool blue water.

The boat trip back to Sabang though was another story! 😛

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