Random Thoughts on a Cold Thursday Afternoon…

December 22nd, 2011

You told me to stop being this and that, after my attempt to hide my misery and after fighting the urge to cry a lachrymose river. I wish yesterday wasn’t real, but you said it so right — it happened for a reason. Bad things happen to those who are bullheaded and don’t learn their lesson well.

Actually, your observation is partly correct. Most of the time, I tend to over-believe in human goodness…that  people are absolutely good and are not capable of hurting others in any way possible.

Not the case in “real” life, though. Out there, its a dog-eat-dog world. Some will use charm to lure you and bait you and before you even knew it, you have been branded a victim.

It’s sad that even at Christmastime, scammers/opportunists work double-time, competing with Santa Claus. They will rob you of anything they can. If you aren’t the scrutinizing type, if you are gullible, well then sorry. Flashback to the first time I was victimized by a robber, that early, I knew I can be an easy prey to friendly people with hidden motives. I thought that will be the last time. Remember? I cried the whole week, left my teaching job, moved place, and found a brand-new life. I recovered the money I lost, several times over. I even helped my folks back home.

But it happened again this time.

In a sense, you said I am lucky. At least in those situations, I don’t have to fight for dear life. Thus, in the succeeding weeks and months, you offered a solution. Thank you, I think its a magnificent idea.

How difficult it is to keep your life abloom when out there you are surrounded by peril. Imagine Damocles’ sword hanging over your head. My impression is that the humanity has come to a point when “guilt” or “conscience” has become irrelevant. With all the sufferings and poverty we have, some important virtues no longer apply to most people. What matters for them is that they continue to live, no matter what it takes. But I don’t get why some people (especially those who wouldn’t actually qualify as poverty-stricken) make fraudulent activities their bread and butter! To me, they are nothing but blood-curdling cosmic dusts who deserve to be extinguished on the face of the universe!

Of course this is cliche but I often forget this one: we should trust only to those who deserve it. We need to be cautious at this perilous times. And whatever purpose or message God is giving me through this, I know it will be for the better. Whatever business He has for me, I know it’s meant to enrich my whole being.

And hey, thanks for comforting me. I love you more for that.

2 Responses to “Random Thoughts on a Cold Thursday Afternoon…”

  1. reich Says:

    ugh, grabe naman yan. sori to hear that sis. yaan mo,mas madami pang blessing ang darating:-)

    as for me, twice ng ngyari saking bigla nalang me masakit sa likod ko, tapos knife na pala yun. wala akong nagawa kundi kusang iabot nalang ang wallet at cellphone dahil baka saksakin pako:-( grabe! sa bus yun to cubao ang yung isang phone mrt station naman sa ayala.

  2. Jasmine Says:

    Naku, ka-ingat ka dyan lagi. Naglipana talaga mga taong mandurugas. Nakakatakot naman ung sayo, may kutsilyo pa. Halla! Pero tama ka, lahat ng nawawala at kinukuha sa atin sa masamang paraan minsan ay may kapalit na grasya. Hindi lang basta grasya, kundi bagyo ng blessings.

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