Murphy’s Law, or Not

December 7th, 2011

My two-year-old ATM card has gone without a trace. Not even a plain “bye” or “good riddance, you ain’t givin’ me fat paychecks! No way I’m staying!”.

So now, I am left with a lovely ten peso coin in my purse. If I may add, I was also able to reach home “late” on the very day I lost my ATM card.  Turns out, the driver forgot the very basic function of gasoline on his vehicle. He didn’t mind checking if his jeepney will still run all the way to San Jose  from Cabanatuan. The passengers, including yours truly,  looked like some poorly-jammed sardines in a small can.

I came home late, stayed longer at our house’s gate than usual. The man was sick, the kids probably didn’t notice my SMS asking for someone to please come down and open the gate for me.

And this is how I came to remember Murphy’s Law.

Murphy’s Law is a popular adage that states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” (Wikiquote)

However, I would love to think about it this way. Sometimes, things go haywire because they  have to. No warnings. No clear signals. Maybe because a bigger purpose is about to unfold. Do you will for bad things to happen? Only masochists and sadists do that. As much as possible, we wish for things and situations in our life to go smoothly: for the kids to get the gold in Math competitions, for you to “somehow” receive your cash bonus (smiley), for the husband to raise funds for the car (uhm, that was quite a consumerist mindset), so on and so forth.

But clearly, we don’t cross the line into full-on Byrne-esque kind of disposition when it comes to achieving some sense of positivity. Not to the point of blurring-out or not recognizing that misfortunes or bad moments may actually exist in real life. Murphy’s law or not, we have to accept that things, whether good or bad, happen. It may be out of pure coincidence or the other way around. Then again, it is the attitude that counts. Like they always say, you create your own destiny, you create your own self. How else can you be a better creator than by acquainting yourself with good and bad, sweetness and bitterness (of life), happiness and sadness?

After a string of unlikely situations, thank heavens for clarity and peace of mind…and support people…I’m back to the happy ol’ me…no stress…

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