January 25th, 2012

I don’t know why but I’ve always been tempted to start my blog entries with over the top drama. Like most people, I think my motivation factor when it comes to writing springs from gloom and darkness. You bet, it’s quite unfair. My life is sprinkled with much happiness and excitement, in the same way that i experience sadness. If it’s true that the universe reflects how you look at life, then I might be sending the wrong signals. This time, I resolved not to be a pain in the ass by emphasizing too much on the drama factor, lest I create the impression of living a very boring existence.

Not at all. Scratch that. Definitely NOT.

A working mom proves to be a challenging role. Then again, everything is compensated when you come home to a family…a real one…with arts/crafts materials littered on the floor, or candy wrappers inserted on some crevice…where kids sometimes quarrel on petty things, where a husband gyrates in front of you like a porn star, but embraces your flaws and goodness just the same especially during your most vulnerable moments.

Now, am I not being dramatic again? (Smiley)

The first month of the year came out pretty well. I had several good news to boot, and some lessons learned too:

1. Never underestimate the power of old age. Some people gets sharper and smarter as they approach twilight, they’ll sometimes hurt you with the tip of their sharp edges! Nonetheless, learn from their wisdom. I just finished organizing a workshop where the bigwigs of my insti attended. To me, that was quite a feat to be convening all the senior consultants and partners in such a short time but I made it. Save for some mishaps, everything else was a-okay.

2. Be open and diplomatic. Criticism is a good thing, as they say. You just have to learn how to extract the gold from the trash

3. It’s possible to do a one-man-show/multitask to the hilt, to fail and succeed at the same time on your tasks, so never be sorry for the mishaps/disasters — those are meant to improve and sharpen your learning curve

4. Never give in to what others will say behind your back. They can crush you down only if you listen to their unnecessary whims. If there’s anyone more knowledgeable about yourself — it would be YOU. No one else, period. Hold on to yourself no matter what. Trust, love, and believe in your own capability. Remember that this world is transitory. We know not what happens in the course of time. Talent, beauty, intelligence, power — they all wane and disappear. They eventually become irrelevant. But wear a good heart and you’ll leave a legacy worthy of emulation even after your own “finish” line!

There goes! Way to go….

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