Woes of an Overweight Mom

February 24th, 2012

Lately, I’m like a vehicle whose brakes have been badly broken. My hunger pangs have become ever-present, even right after consuming five servings of rice and viands. Construction workers would be shamed at this utter display of arrogance.

Imagine, a woman in her 30s, eating like its the end of the world?

This morning, my eyes almost popped out of their sockets after our bathroom scale registers my current weight. S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y?

How depressing. I wish fats and cholesterol can be easily washed off by water. Now I know why I keep having strange palpitations in the middle of the day, and why my nape and my back often hurts.

Maybe its my way of coping with daily stress at work and personal life. When I eat during lunch time for example, I don’t settle for just one meal (rice plus at least two viands), I’d better have icy-cold soft drinks, an ice-cream thereafter or any sweets (meringue, chocolates) to “sense” that I have indeed taken my precious lunch. In the evening, before going to bed, I still raid our cupboard for loaves of bread, coffee, and whatever will fill my digestive organs.

Whatever happened to the skinny girl I once was? I often told people before that I’d have some “fats” (to go with my skeleton of a frame) someday. Not one instance that I did not get ridiculed by how thin-looking I was as a young adult. Was it rebellion on my part? Was it again, as Randy David puts it, a manifestation of previous deprivation?

For what reason it might be, the most important thing is to address this unhealthy eating habit. So I’m starting now. And I mean, now! God help me.

First step I did was to tell my office mates to ignore me during mealtimes. I’d love to see my grandchildren grow up in the future. With that in mind, I’m serious at watching the food I eat, and eating in moderation. I said maybe, they can exclude me from snacks which I love as the mid-afternoon sets. I practically gorge on pancit malabon or palabok, with kakanin on the side. Maybe I’ll have to pass on that one too.

Second step is to be more physically active. I liked it that my workmates recently have developed love for bowling. Every Thursday after office hours, we go out to play this game. Last night, I won three out of four games. I was ecstatic! My record during our first four visits to the bowling lane consistently placed meĀ  in the “kalabasa” (loser) award category.

Third step is to nourish my brain. When you eat a lot, you feed only one system. You overfeed it, in fact. Boosting the brain is to divert attention from food. Aside from sharpening the memory, brain training preserves our gray matter and puts it in excellent condition.

Says Sharon Begley in her Times Magazine article, “By raising our mental game…we know more, understand more deeply, make greater creative leaps, retain what we read, see connections invisible to other — not merely to make the most of what we have between our ears now, but to be in a word, smarter…” To do this, I guess I’ll have to engage my Elmo and Faith to play word puzzles with me. Plus I still have unread books waiting to be finished.

Yet…I’m still hungry! Haha. Lord help me.

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