Thinking Green

August 1st, 2016

Everywhere you look, the world always seem to point out something that is horribly, unspeakably, despicably wrong: your choice of clothes, your shoes, your cosmetics, the cellular phone you have, the food you eat, the gadgets you use, the curves you have or your lack of it, and so on and so forth. Thanks to media and the influence it has over humankind. Without you knowing, it conditions you how to be “perennially young and savvy and fashionable.” It insists that there is always something new and inviting. You have to try it, lest you be branded as “jurassic”, “old fashioned”, “fat”.

How? SHOP all you want. Buy NEW stuff: wardrobe, electronics, vehicles, appliances, even slimming and whitening pills and meds. Name it, the world has it.

Honestly, I am getting tired of all of these. Capitalism and consumerism surely had eaten whatever tiny amount of reason that’s left behind every thinking human brain. I can see clearly now, thanks to Annie Leonard, how man’s current behavior (read: excessive consumerism and spending) is closely related to a system called extraction-production-consumption that is making us an obsessed entity: obsessed with too much stuff that is slowly thrashing the planet, and pushing us to the edge of destruction!

IMG_1540We had a long holiday vacation in my hometown last December. Thankful that the place still resembled how it was years ago (lots of green everywhere), I no longer question why progress is somewhat slow in this part of the planet. At least, the place has not lent itself too much to extraction or the use of natural resources to fuel the nation/world’s economy. Development, as seen by the economic giants, actually means exhaustion of all the resources we have – so that businesses will expand – so people will have things/stuff to buy. It’s a cycle that continues to enrich those already wealthy.

Silently, I mull on a few aspects. Not replacing my old phone means lesser contribution to landfills or incineration that also ruins the planet. But I also think about how many trees are cut down for my books to be produced =( (I cant give up on that one…I still see myself lining on every book sale there is)

With that, I’ll try to spend less this year and beyond. Maybe then, I’ll see this planet smiling. Maybe, with that, I can still help delay this world’s travel toward extinction level.

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