January 24th, 2017

One thing that’s certain about holidays is that it can add plenty of unwanted pounds to your frame, enough to shatter your digital bathroom scale.

That’s right. Take it from me.

On the last throes of 2016, we spent the Christmas season in my hometown in Pili, Camarines Sur. The place is┬ámy mini-wonderland of sorts, with Mother whipping all the delectable food in my wishlist. Not to mention, husband and I had to dine out too whenever we need to buy groceries. So yes, it’s the dreaded extra flabs here and there that’s making me position the selfie stick up there. If I point it to my frame on the same level, God knows what kind of gigantic slab of fat you’d see. Horrors.

I also think no amount of weight loss supplements could help for now. Experts say some of these could actually even damage your body’s metabolism. So, no to that.

What I discovered though is that you can actually wear tunic dresses to minimize those flab from becoming obvious. The last few days of January and perhaps early February I will devote to hunting for tunic dresses.

I’ve been following a blogger, MommyFleur (who says motherhood and kikayness do not mix) and I found her tunic outfits so classy and fabulous.

Parang ganito oh. Saan kaya ako makakahanap nyan. Hmmmmm.

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