Notes From a Diarist

April 17th, 2017

Are you a “journal” type of person? I mean, do you keep a notebook where you write your thoughts every now and then?

Last week, I bought a large organizer-box supposedly to de-clutter my belongings, but then, it was able to accommodate only my “notebooks,” and I thought to myself I’ve been documenting my life all these years?

Poring through the contents made me smile. The words I wrote were quite unique and yet the same in a sense. The act itself is like returning to that certain phase in your life where you get to experience the same emotion or condition. Those dark and sardonic periods, those sweet moments, etcetera.

According to writer Diana Abu-Jaber: “…reading old journal and outline notes helps to see what richly layered beings we are…” and that we “recognize odd currents in our work, repeating words and images, patterns, as if we were each embedded with private themes, symbols that could help unlock the mysteries of our existence.”

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Jaber also likes keeping a journal. Just like me, and you, maybe. It helps make plain to her what intimacy and daring, what shamelessness is part of being a person.


By the way, here’s how Google defines what a diarist is:


Plain and simple. A diarist is any person who writes a diary or private journal.

Why write a journal or diary?

Personally, I write to remind myself that I am a human being — I have my own weaknesses and strengths. When faced with challenges, I can always be reminded that I’ve gone through several trials and nothing can bring me down — except for my self. You only get defeated when you allow yourself so. It also helps that you have your successes and joys recorded there. Our lives are interspersed with gems of insight and knowledge. Journaling is a smart way of getting the most useful lessons. Writing a diary is so much fun for me, even at this time when technology has definitely changed the game.

Try it. You might just find diary writing as exciting.


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