Bullet Journaling and Loving It!

June 8th, 2017

I haven’t completely grasped yet the idea of developing a bullet journal. However, there are various resources online to help me achieve just that.

Anyway, I first heard of bullet journal from my good friend Marj. I then made a little research and was amazed how it’s done and what magic it brings to our often chaotic life. A bullet journal is actually a notebook system, except that it is used for the purpose of organizing (thoughts, ideas, schedule among other things). It was a brainchild of Ryder Caroll – a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY.

If you type these two words on Google, you’ll be surprised at the magnitude of things it can do. First thing you’ll probably read online is that “bullet journaling” lives at the intersection between mindfulness and productivity. A system that adapts to your life every single day.  It’s so useful as it combines two elements that you need every day. Being present and making yourself more engaged and fruitful.

Last night, I just found my way writing the first few pages of my journal. June isn’t yet too late to start. Am so excited that I was able to do my 2017 calendar on Page 1, followed by a bullet list on the next page. With a little creativity, I’m sure I will be able to maintain this up to the very last page. Maybe it’s also a great idea to switch from diary writing to bullet journaling. We’ll see!

Here are a few of my doodles. =)




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