January 5th, 2018

Are you a good swimmer?

I wish I am.

2017 was an ocean of seemingly endless uncertainties.

The truth is, If I am going to assess which point in my lifetime’s the most unpredictable, it would be very easy for me to pinpoint which year.

Nonetheless, I swam through it all, unraveling one mystery after the other.

I did not drown.

I am alive and definitely unscathed.

Perhaps, I am a good swimmer after all?

Here comes another year. (Drum rolls!)

Another chapter to fill. Another mystery to discover. Another surprise to savor.

Amidst all the chaos, this world is still beautiful. You get to encounter first-hand bullshits and life stressors, but it also teaches you the many (swimming) tricks on your own, and eventually help you master the strokes as fast as you can so you won’t get caught off-guard in this mad world.

I guess I’m just tired lately, swimming in an ocean of files.

Revisiting this blogsite didn’t help much, because I only realize how fast my writing skill has degenerated (as if meron naman). I wish I could sustain it more.

Oh well…2018 is running wild. So wild that it blisters! My resolve? Run wild and make it a year to remember. The stars and fortune tellers don’t have great news to tell about how my life will unfold. But who cares? Sometimes, we tend to attach ourselves too much to them that we forget we hold much, much greater power than cards and tarots and astrology could ever offer!

Keep on swimming.

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