Extra Challenge: Unravelling The Beauty of Scrimping!

August 25th, 2009


Recession has definitely wrought havoc to many, both nationally and globally. We saw how it shook even the sturdiest of economies worldwide and how the effect is so tremendously felt even by the giants. But if there is one valuable lesson recession brings – it is unlocking the secrets to intelligent spending. It opens our hearts and minds to the basic premise that resources do not simply grow on trees or flow infinitely from a waterfall.

Some people say that these are the days for the frugalistas. Very true, indeed. Gone were the times when you have to utter terms such as UK for ukay-ukay (flee market) when asked where you bought your designer jeans. No longer do frugalistas hide under a guise because of embarrassment. Now is the time to shine baby. Yeah!

What immediately comes to mind when we speak of this much-despised “R” thing are the  endless retrenchments, loss of jobs, constant strategizing on how to keep the economic condition afloat, etc. Mind you its not unique in one country. My aunt in Canada complains how she’s losing her part-time jobs one by one. But speaking on a personal level, recession may not be that bad. After all, we still can afford to live with dignity amidst all its adverse effects. We can still in fact enjoy the little luxuries we have in life, though not too lavishly as before. Today I decided to go out and watch a movie, but had to change my mind before even reaching the movie house. Instead, I thought of my own extra challenge (episode?). I had some cash stashed in my wallet which by most people’s standard may just be enough to buy a shirt. Kasi nga pangnood lang naman ng sine. Magkano lang din naman yun, di ba.

Now the exciting part is, how I managed to budget a small amount to buy things that I love while having a grand time by myself.

Going out is but timely. No, I say it’s more of a necessity. You see my mind has been restless lately because of the perennial flirt that is my husband. Wala namang halong pait yan. Hehe. Very malambing kasi ang lolo mo. (Kaya siguro na-inlove sa akin kasi di nya ako maakbayan at mauto kagaya ng iba.) I mean he’s like that ever since we met. Maybe I was just malicious???? Of course not.  Couples bound by marriage somehow do have to ‘stick’ to rules, you know, to stay away from “trouble”. And one of the hardest part a couple must face is when betrayal of trust takes place. Before you guys think of this as something else, I’d like to make it clear that hubby is a ‘stick-to-one’ guy, more so when I am deep in slumber. Right Jun? When the cat is away, Jun keeps typing away! hahaha.

Peace hunnybunny.

Anyways, I was just happy because I was able to buy all these at Php 1.3K…would you believe?

1. ‘Curacao Cure and Other Stories” (2005) is a book written by a Filipino Professor now based in California, US. Paulino Lim Jr.’s anthology interests me because of the vividness and clarity of words. His stories are close to my heart as they were mostly set in Bikol. I have yet to confirm but I guess the author is a Bikolano. 🙂

2. Another book that captured my attention was Dave Pelzer’s “Help Yourself”, a three-step plan for turning adversity into triumph. Aside from the book’s being on sale, I admire Peltzer who is also New York Times’ bestselling author of “A Child Called It”, “The Lost Boy”, and “A Man Named Dave”.

3. Jose Javier Reyes’ “Porn Again: Midlife Outtakes and Mistakes” (2003) kept me laughing and wondering about plenty of things. Reyes is as feisty as he is on national TV. Great man.


4. I got tired of using cucumber for my eyes during nighttime. For a change, I bought this eye mask at a very affordable price. You can try it as well. Go to the nearest Watson’s outlet hehe…plugging…I should be paid for this.


5. Nail essentials for me.


6. Violet/purple blouse.


7. Checkered blouse.

s8. A silver bracelet for my daughter.

zcc9. And this is my favorite bodywash brand.

qwq10. Goodies for my children.

2009082511. Earrings.


and this is me wearing one of the tops.


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